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Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk by amegoddess Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk by amegoddess
"Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk"

My new entry for Shirt.Woot’s “Classic Literature” derby. A quote from Alice in Wonderland!

It's back up for votes until noon on THUR 30th

To Vote:…
To Vote:…
To Vote:…

Give me a vote if you can!


How does this work? How do I purchase this shirt:

Only the top 3 shirts will get made into shirts. Click this link:… and hit the "I want one" button on Shirt Woot to cast a vote.

If there is no vote button to click on:

To vote on the derbies on shirt woot you have to have an account that has bought at least one thing off of any of the woot sites (woot, shirt.woot, kids woot, or wine.woot).

Maybe something from their collection of all my previously printed designs now available again if you missed them the first time:…

Once you have bought something you can cast a vote for however many designs you want.

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Foxdrew Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I've heard that riddle before, so you got me looking and I found this informative answer (of sorts):…

Sunny-X-Ray Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Student General Artist
That's fantastic! :D
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